• Gynecologists & Obstetricians

    1.         Dr. Sriskanthan 4.00PM  Monday to Friday
    2.         Dr. R. Colonne 8.30AM Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    3.         Dr. S.A. Ruwanpathirana 3.00PM Saturday
    4.         Dr. Mac Perera 4.00PM Monday to Friday
    5.         Dr. Ajith Thisera 4.00PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    6.         Dr. Sanath  Lanarall 4.00PM Monday to Friday
    7.         Dr.Mrs  Rani Sithambarapillai 12.00 noon Saturday.
  • Physician

    1.         Dr. (mrs) Lasantha Ganewaththa 4.00PM Friday, 12 noon on Saturday & Sunday
    2.         Dr. Nilwala Jayasinghe Weekends
    3.         Dr. Pradeep Kumarasinghe 4.00PM Monday
    4.         Dr. (mrs) Nirmalee Thisera 6.00AM Monday to Sunday
  • Surgeon

    1.          Dr. Rohana Vidange 3.30 PM. Mon to Friday
    2.         Dr. Anura Banagala 12.30 PM Saturday
    3.         Dr. Sarath Kollure 5.00PM. Monday to Friday
    4.         Dr. U.P.Gamage 4.00PM Monday to Friday
    5.        Dr. Keerthi Rajapaksha 5.00PM Monday to Friday 1.00PM Saturday
  • Pediatrician

    1.   Dr.(Mrs) Manoj Gamage 4.00PM Monday to Friday
  • Psychiatrist

    1.         Dr.S.P. Kandapola Arachchige 6.00PM Every Tuesday
    2.         Dr. Jayan Mendis On call
  • Medical Cosmetic Care

    1.         Dr. Jayaruwan  Bandara 7.30AM and 5.00PM from Monday to Sunday
  • Cardiologist

    1.         Dr. M.H.M. Zacky 3.30PM Friday
    2.         Dr. Nawashed Ali On call
  • Thoracic Surgeon

    1.         Dr.D.M.S.Handagala 7.00PM  Monday to Friday
  • Rheumatologist

    1.         Dr. Saman Jayaneththi 8.30AM 1st Sunday of the month
    2.         Dr. mrs. GayathreeJagoda 7.00PM Sunday
    3.         Dr. mrs.  Monica de Silva 7.00AM Thursday
  • Dematologist

    1.         Dr. Mrs. M.K.D. Tissera 3.00PM Mon, Thurs, Fridays, 10AM Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Onchological Surgeon

    1.         Dr. Ranga Perera 8.30PM Sunday
    2.         Dr.(Mrs)P.L.S Jayawardne 4.00PM Saturday and Sunday
  • Eye Surgeon

    1.         Dr.Kusum Rathnayake 4.30PM Monday
  • Orthopedics Surgeons

    1.         Dr. Dilshan Munidasa 6.00PM Wednesday
  • Sports Medicine Specialist

    1.         Dr. Padmalala Pathirage 5.00PM Mon to Friday
    2.         Dr. Sumudu Vipula Gunasinghe 4.00PM Monday and Thursday

    12.00PM Saturday

  • Psychologist

    1.         Dr. Nimal Liyanage 3.00PM  Monday to Friday 8.30AM Saturday & Sunday
  • Physiotherapist

    1.         Dr. Nimal Liyanage 3.00PM  Monday to Friday 8.30AM Saturday & Sunday
  • Physiotherapist (sports Injuries)

    1.  Mr. Prabath Gunathunga 4.00PM Monday to Sunday
  • Chief Prosthetist and Orthoptist

    1.      Mr.  S.C  Koralagama 4.00PM Monday to Sunday (To make appropriate appliances and shoos)
  • Occupational Therapist

    1.         Mrs. R.A. Manel Senadheera 1.00PM Wednesday and 8.00PM Sunday.
  • Speech Therapist

    1.         Dr. Malka Jayathilaka 4.00PM every day
  • Radiologist

    1.  Dr. Ubethulla 12.30PM Monday to Friday
  • Venereology’s and sexual medicine consultant

    1.         Dr. Gamini Weerasinghe 4.15PM Monday to Friday (STD/AIDS Campaign)
  • Pediatricians Nephrologists

    1.         Dr. Vindya Gunasekara 4.00PM Monday
  • Genitourinary surgeons

    1.         Dr. Anura Wijewardana 4.00PM every Tuesday& Thursday
  • Pediatric Endocrinologist & Dialectologist

    1.         Dr. (Mrs) Navoda Athapaththu 6.00PM Wednesday
  • Pediatric Neurologist

    1.         Dr. Pyara Rathnayake 7.00AM  Saturday
  • Pathologist

    1.         Prof. L.R. Amarasekara 4.00PM Monday, Wednesday &Thursday
  • Oro maxillary Facial Surgeon

    1.        Dr. Mrs.   Kumudunee Somawardena. 11.30AM Sunday
  • ENT Surgeon

    1.      Dr.K.D.R.A Kirihena 12.00PM Saturday
    2.      Dr. Manaff Shereef 2.00PM Sunday
  • Neuro Surgeon

    1.      Dr.Deepal Aththanayake 3.30PM Saturday
  • Nutritionist

    1.      Mr. Buddhika Premasiri 4.00PM Monday to Friday
  • Medical Nutritionist

    1.   Dr.(Mrs) Manoj Gamage 4.00PM Monday to Friday